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From the founders

Our decision to found Knowledge Palette, Inc. was driven by the desire to create a world in which illness can no longer wipe the smiles from the faces of those we love.

We are a startup that specializes in improving the quality of cells for use in regenerative medicine. Despite continuing medical advances, there are still illnesses for which effective treatments do not exist. Regenerative medicine offers hope. However, the cell-based products used in regenerative medicine are composed of living cells. This makes it harder to accurately measure the product constituents and properly control the manufacturing process for cell-based products compared to conventional drug products. These issues regarding quality control and manufacturing require solutions.

We believe that these outstanding issues can be directly resolved by applying our cell measurement and cell cultivation technologies, helping to improve the overall quality of regenerative medicine.

By improving the quality of regenerative medicine, our goal is to put smiles on more faces around the world and transform the image associated with healthcare into one of hope. We take a serious and sometimes out-of-the-box approach in our endeavors to achieve this dream of a brighter, happier world.

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Improving the quality of regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine offers a much-needed approach to satisfying unmet medical needs. However, before this potential can be realized, solutions are required for the unique issues presented by cell-based products due to their use of living cells. Sensitive to changes in culture conditions and other aspects of their growth environment, living cells are prone to variability. As cell variability impacts the quality of cell-based products, this issue is a central concern for the industry. We have developed two technologies to improve the precision of quality control and manufacturing of cells for medical use. The resulting quality control and manufacturing system is able to tightly control cell variability, thereby helping to improve the quality of regenerative medicine.

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Latest News

July 12, 2019

Knowledge Palette participated in 7 minutes Pitch vol.1 as a speaker

We participated as a speaker in an event 7 minutes Pitch vol.1 for tech startups, organized by Kawasaki-NEDO Innovation Center (K-NIC).

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June 1, 2019

Drs. Itoshi Nikaido and Yohei Sasagawa (RIKEN) appointed as company advisers

We would like to welcome Dr. Itoshi Nikaido (Team Leader, RIKEN) and Dr. Yohei Sasagawa (Senior Research Scientist, RIKEN) as Knowledge Palette, Inc. advisers. These world-class scientists in the field of omics technology R&D will provide invaluable support in keeping abreast of the latest technological trends in related fields.

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August 8, 2018

Knowledge Palette, Inc. founded

With a company mission of Brightening healthcare. Inspiring smiles., Knowledge Palette, Inc. was co-founded by Masakazu Fukuda and Hiroki Danno to advance improvements in the quality of regenerative medicine.


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