Our Technology

Controlling Cells using Big Data


Large-Scale Transcriptome Platform

One of our core technologies, single-cell transcriptome analysis, was developed by Dr. Danno, Dr. Nikaido, Dr. Sasagawa and their co-workers at RIKEN (Sasagawa, et al. 2018, Press release by RIKEN).It enables us to obtain comprehensive gene expression profiles at single-cell level to identify cell type and cell state with high accuracy.

As single-cell transcriptome analysis is expected to be a breakthrough technology in life science, an international benchmarking project, where 25 research institutes and companies from 7 countries, took place to compare 13 types of single-cell transcriptome technologies in a quantitative way. Our core technology, “Quartz-Seq2”, received 1st place in accuracy of genes detection as well as marker identification, and was ranked No.1 in overall scores in the project. The results were published in Nature Biotechnology (Mereu et al. 2020, Press release by RIKEN).

We develop novel platforms for drug discovery and regenerative medicine, which can be applied to a wider range of diseases by combining the large-scale transcriptome analysis, the database, artificial intelligence technology and cell culture optimization technology.